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Every insurance company has its own set of policies and criteria for coverage for weight loss surgery and they do change from time to time and most are very employer specific. Contact your insurance company to find out if weight loss surgery is a covered benefit under your plan. If your plan does cover weight loss surgery then find out the different types of weight loss surgeries that are covered.  Ask for the criteria that need to be met in order to get the surgery authorized and document your conversation along with the name of the person you spoke to, date and time for future reference.

Do your research and educate yourself about the insurance coverage and authorization process. If you have additional insurance questions, please Contact our office.

Insurance company criteria for weight loss surgery may include:

Current weight is 100 lbs over the Ideal Body Weight
BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or above
BMI between 35 and 40 with co-morbidities like hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, cardiovascular
disease, etc.
Documentation of weight loss attempts
Physician supervised diet program for anywhere between 1 – 12 months
Psychological Evaluation
Smoking cessation
2-5 years of weight history (one record per year)

The Center for Weight Loss Surgeryand Dr. Srikanth are contracted with the following insurance companies:

Premera Blue Cross
United Health Care
First Choice Health Network
Coventry / First Health

At this time, CWLS has opted out of participation in Medicare.

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