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Mar 09

Center for Weight Loss Surgery

3 Tips for Parents After Weight Loss Surgery

Posted by Center for Weight Loss Surgery

3 Tips for Parents After Weight Loss Surgery 

Weight loss surgery doesn’t just impact the patient who undergoes it. Weight loss surgery requires a change in lifestyle to result in success. Often, a patient’s partner and children must change their habits and behaviors to be supportive and to avoid enabling the patient. Often these changes significantly improve the family’s health.

Weight loss surgery can be especially difficult (but especially beneficial) for people with kids. For working parents, the time off can be extremely trying. At the same time, at home parents often do the lion’s share of the household work and are typically responsible for chasing after kids—which can be hard when they’re recovering from surgery. Parents also may be tasked with homework help, meal prep, grocery shopping, bringing snacks to soccer games, and any number of other daily tasks.

All of this can be hard on a person who’s grappling with new energy levels, new dietary restrictions, and new coping mechanisms. However, it can be done—and the rewards can be many—with the right steps.

Enlist Help

First and foremost, no one should go through weight loss surgery alone. Emotional support, help with chores, and the occasional pep talk are all essential for long-term success. In fact, emotional wellbeing is one of the most critical success factors following a weight-loss surgery.

Though many parents are hesitant to specifically ask for older kids, spouses or siblings to chip in around the house, when it comes to weight loss surgery, this is non-negotiable. Before going under the knife, it's important to have a family meeting and decide who can pick up the slack when the parent is resting.

Make Dietary Swaps For Everyone, Not Just You

Nothing will make you feel more like a loner than eating a sad salad while everyone else eats steak and potatoes. Though be a challenge to change the eating habits of an entire household, weight loss surgery is often the prompt families need to get on board with a healthier diet across the board.

Social support is a key indicator of weight loss success, which means the people around you need to make healthier choices, too. Instead of singling yourself out for a change, make it a group effort. Go to the store together, find new healthy recipes together, and try out restaurants with lighter fare together. 

Changing your diet as a family is also great for your kids’ future; studies have shown that one of the biggest indicators of health late in life is whether or not a child had a healthy family dinner regularly.

Make New, Healthy Habits

If your old ways of relaxing or coping consisted of ice cream in front of the TV or stopping at Starbucks for a big Frappucino, you’re going to feel deprived when your post-surgical life doesn’t include those things. Finding new, indulgent-but-healthy habits to fill that void is essential and can help ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

Habits like going for a walk, taking a yoga class, riding a bike, or even just doing lunges during the commercial breaks can help you feel like your old self without resorting back to bad habits.

Weight loss surgery can be extremely beneficial to parents—not only does it model self-care for kids, it also helps boost energy and reduce diabetes and other diseases. However, it does require a major shift, which can be difficult if you don’t plan for it and rope in some help.

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Posted by Center for Weight Loss Surgery