Financial & Billing Policies

Our patient coordinator will verify every patient’s insurance coverage on a case-by-case basis. We get as much detailed information as possible regarding your specific coverage for weight loss surgery and office visits, but it’s important that you also take an active role in understanding your benefit details. There are hundreds of insurance carriers and plans available today, and the rules and policies of your plan can change on a daily basis. The best way to avoid surprise bills is to be proactive and prevent them before they occur. We do not routinely confirm coverage after the initial confirmation for each office call. If you have questions, we ask that you please contact your insurance company directly.

Patients are responsible to pay for all treatment, services and supplies provided by Center for Weight Loss Surgery, P.L.L.C. Payment is due in full within 30 days upon receipt of our statement for services rendered. We will bill your insurance company, health maintenance organization or managed care company (“your health plan”) for the medical services and supplies we provide to you. However, medical insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company and you are ultimately responsible for any unpaid balance.

We are not a finance company and are unable, by law, to extend credit. If you need financing options click here

At this time, the Center for Weight Loss Surgery has opted out of participation in Medicare and Medicaid.

Deductibles and Co-Payments

Deductibles and co-payments required by your health plan are your responsibility and are due at the time of service. We are prohibited by law from waiving deductibles and co-payments.

Advanced Payment

If you are requested to make an advance payment to Center for Weight Loss Surgery at any time due to the terms of your health plan or our patient financial management policies, we will apply this payment to your account and bill you for any balance due. If we bill a health plan on your behalf and receive payment, we will credit the payment to your account and send you a statement reflecting the balance due. If there is a credit balance on your account, we will refund the balance to you after your claim has been processed. Refund processing takes 30-60 days.

Self-Pay Discount

We offer competitively discounted self-pay rates for patients who pay for all charges prior to, or at the time that services are rendered. Please contact us for current self-pay rates.

Missed or Cancelled Appointments

We require at least 48 business hours notice if you cannot keep your appointment. Patients will be charged a fee of $75.00 for missed appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 48 business hour (2 business days) notice. Your insurance company will not pay for missed appointments. This fee will be your responsibility and must be paid in full before we can schedule additional appointments.

Returned Checks

The service fee for returned checks from our office is $30.00. This does not include any charges you may receive from your financial institution.

Service Fees Summary

The following service fees may apply. Fees are cumulative.

  • Cancelled or missed appointment service fee: $75.00 US
  • Non-sufficient funds (NSF) check fee: $30.00 US

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