City: Auburn, WA

Weight Loss Surgery: Medial gastric bypass

Starting weight: 333 lbs.
Starting BMI: 60.9
Total weight loss: 195 lbs.*
Current BMI: 22.9

Percentage excess weight loss (%EWL): 93.8%

Co-morbidities improved/resolved:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Heartburn
  • Joint pain

In Michelle’s Words:

“Let me just start by saying Dr. Srikanth and WLS saved my life.

Prior to surgery I was 5’ 2” tall, a whopping 333 pounds and miserable. I had Sleep Apnea, used a CPAP machine, my hips and knees just killed me, I took NSAIDs (anti-inflammation medications) on a daily basis, I had indigestion so bad I kept the Tums manufacturer in business. I would make excuses to my husband and daughter to not have to participate in family outings that required the smallest amount of physical exertion. I couldn’t walk up one flight of stairs without being out of breath and barely able to talk. When I tried to exercise, it always backfired because the slightest workout left me in pain and down and out for at least three days. It was a vicious circle.

I decided things had to change; My daughter was about to give birth, I had a grand-daughter on the way and wanted to be able to do fun things with her, even just getting down on the floor to play. I started doing research on WLS and the local doctors that performed the different types of surgeries. I have a few friends that have had the surgery and asked them every question I could think of. After a lot of thought and discussions with my family I decided to go to a WLS seminar, one that was given by a doctor that was identified as a “Center of Excellence” by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery, I wanted to make sure I was in the very best hands—that was my new beginning.

Now my life is totally different, I can jog on the treadmill, walk up flight after flight of stairs and not be even the slightest bit out of breath. I can fit in an airplane seat without flowing into the person next to me. I can walk down the aisle of the airplane without bumping into every passenger along the way and I can use the bathroom on an airplane, something I NEVER even tried before, because I was terrified I would get stuck in there. I can cross my legs and not think twice about it and best of all I can walk into ANY clothing store and buy a NORMAL size off any rack—and the clothes look good on me now—I’m not just buying them because “it’s the only thing that fits.” My husband, daughter and close friends have been a great support system for me. I couldn’t have done this without them. The surgery is a tool, it’s a lot of work and you need a firm support system in place to make it a success.

I have lost 185 pounds. I am healthy now, no longer on the CPAP machine, haven’t taken an NSAID or Tums for a year. I am currently at 148 pounds and happier than ever. I’m not invisible at work anymore, it’s amazing how such a large person can literally go unseen, but take off the weight and suddenly I appear.

I have experienced a few minor side effects from the surgery, one of which is a marginal ulcer, but that was resolved with medication.

I would make this decision over again in a heartbeat. I put my total trust into Dr. Srikanth, he has my health and best interests at heart and I know he will be there for the long haul. He offers the most intense aftercare I’ve seen and will make sure I am following all of my new nutritional requirements and if anything starts to falter he is quick to get it back in line.

If anyone out there is considering WLS I say do your research—make sure you are willing to commit to the life style changes that will be required—and then just do it. You will not regret the decision. I am living my life now, not just watching it pass me by.” – Michelle 

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Total weight loss: 195 lbs. **
Prior to surgery I was 5’ 2” tall, a whopping 333 pounds and miserable. I had Sleep Apnea, used a CPAP machine, my hips and knees just killed me, I took NSAIDs (anti-inflammation medications)


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