Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Restore a youthful radiance to your face without surgery.

You don’t have to go under the knife to rejuvenate your face! We know that many of our patients are looking for non-surgical ways to look and feel young and beautiful. These products can be used alone, or in combination to achieve beautiful results.

** = Results will vary. Individual weight loss depends on commitment to nutrition, activity, and lifestyle changes.

“[The duodenal switch] gave me the tool I needed to make a change for good. I currently weigh 155 lbs.** but I'm no longer worried about my weight as an end goal, now I'm focused on my overall fitness.” -Katy

“I was taking 4 insulin injections and 24 pills a day (for high blood pressure, liver, diabetes and other problems) and using a sleep apnea machine at night. [Since surgery] the pain in my joints has disappeared. I now take no medications and feel great.” -Gerald

 “I had always been an athlete but reached a point at 332 lbs. where it hurt to climb stairs and move.[Now] I run half and full marathons. I am active with my friends and my daughter, and feel so incredibly proud of ME!” -Vickie

“At just 5’1”, not only was I miserable in my own body, but I was suffering from horrible sleep apnea, major depression, and fatigue…Since my first meeting [with Dr. Srikanth] I have lost 95 pounds!** For the first time in many years I am active, have little fatigue, and can breathe easier…but the biggest change has been the boost to my self-confidence." - Malia

Need help deciding which surgery is right?

Each surgery we offer can provide safe and effective weight loss. Find which option is best for your lifestyle and goals.

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