Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery

About Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery

If you have had gastric bypass surgery and are experiencing inadequate weight loss or complications, you should consider a gastric bypass revision. The team at the Center for Weight Loss Surgery is highly skilled in complex revision surgery and dedicated to helping you reach your desired weight loss goals.

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Reasons to Consider a Gastric Bypass Revision

A gastric bypass revision can be right for you if you have undergone a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and are experiencing:

Gastric Bypass Revision Options

At the Center for Weight Loss Surgery, we are passionate about providing gastric bypass revision options for you. Our most common gastric bypass revision procedures include:

  • Gastric bypass to duodenal switch:  The duodenal switch is another popular and effective Roux-en-Y gastric bypass revision surgery. The gastric pouch is re-attached to the excluded stomach, which is then trimmed to create a small tubular stomach (i.e., a sleeve gastrectomy). Calorie absorption is limited by dividing the duodenum and attaching the bottom portion of the small intestine to it, bypassing the rest.
  • Gastric bypass to single anastomosis duodeno-ileostomy switch (SADI/SIPS): This is a newer variation of the duodenal switch. We first create a gastric sleeve, as described above. We then limit calorie absorption by dividing the duodenum and attaching a loop of small intestine, bypassing the rest.
  • Gastric bypass to malabsorptive gastric bypass: In a traditional proximal gastric bypass, only one-fourth of the small intestine is bypassed. A malabsorptive gastric bypass limits more calorie absorption by bypassing more of the small intestine. 
  • Adjustable gastric band around the pouch of the gastric bypass: This revision procedure restores restriction from a pouch that has enlarged or one where the opening out of the pouch (stoma) has dilated.

Before and after photos of someone who underwent revision from a sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass

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Center for Weight Loss Surgery’s Gastric Bypass Revision Process

The Center for Weight Loss Surgery believes you should be involved in every aspect of your care. Because of this, we follow a patient-centered revision surgery process, which includes:

  1. Consultation: We will thoroughly assess you and determine what type of gastric bypass revision best meets your needs.
  2. Completion of pre-surgery testing and consultations
  3. Pre-surgery education
  4. Surgery: Most patients go home the day of surgery and are seen regularly for follow-up care.
  5. Long-term support: We are committed to your long-term health and outcome by providing life-long comprehensive post-surgery care and support (nutritional, educational and psychological) 

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