Mother & Daughter 

Vicki lost 100 lbs.** after getting the adjustable gastric band with Dr. Srikanth. Ten years later, her daughter, Veronica, had the sleeve gastrectomy and lost 131 lbs.!

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Sleeve Gastrectomy

Before having the sleeve gastrectomy, Bengie tended to sit on the sidelines. Now he has more energy and confidence to try new things like participating in sports, riding theme park rides and flying in airplanes.

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Proximal Gastric Bypass

At 283 lbs., Judi was unhealthy and unhappy. After having the proximal gastric bypass, Judi lost 126 lbs.** She also had a lower body lift to address excess skin. Now she is back doing the things she loves—without type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, depression, GERD or hypertension! 

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Revision Surgery

Five years after getting the adjustable gastric band, Lisa was unsatisfied with her weight loss. Lisa had her band revised to the sleeve gastrectomy and now competes in weight lifting competitions and ran her first half marathon this year!  

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