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Welcome to Seattle’s premier weight loss surgery center — a state-of-the-art bariatric surgery practice that provides compassionate, patient-focused care before, during and after your transformation.

Our Patients Agree: Less Is More

“From my highest weight, I have lost a total of 184 lbs.!* I am exactly 1/2 the person I used to be! I was facing a family history of obesity, high blood pressure and severe sleep apnea. I was borderline diabetic and had all the classic symptoms of PCOS, including infertility. This tool (duodenal switch) has truly changed my life! I spend my weekends going on hikes, participating in 5Ks and staying active.”

— Cheryl
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Changing Lives

The Center for Weight Loss Surgery team is dedicated to helping our patients revitalize their lives and achieve their goals for healthy living. We provide exceptional personalized care along the entire obesity spectrum, including all types of weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery following weight loss, revision surgery, nonsurgical weight loss and general surgery, as well as lifelong follow-up care.

Just What the Surgeon Ordered

“My heaviest was around 350 pounds. As a general surgeon myself, I was convinced that just taking the band out and converting it to a sleeve was not going to do anything for me in the long run. Based on my research, I strongly believed that the Duodenal Switch Single-Anastomosis DS (SIPS) was what was going to work for me. I have lost 162 pounds.* I don't have sleep apnea; I am not on BP meds. I am as healthy as someone could be.”

— Andrew

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Our Team

Dr. Srikanth, a bariatric and cosmetic surgeon, founded the Center for Weight Loss Surgery in 2006 to help people overcome the burden of obesity. Since then, he and his experienced team have successfully helped thousands of patients take control of their health. With office locations and surgeries performed at local American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)/American College of Surgeons (ACS) accredited hospitals and facilities, you’re a step closer to beginning your journey to wellness.