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Jun 13

Center for Weight Loss Surgery

The Importance of Support Groups After Weight Loss Surgery

Posted by Center for Weight Loss Surgery

The Importance of Support Groups After Weight Loss Surgery 

Weight loss surgery is more than just a surgical procedure. Successful weight loss requires you to make permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle. Your continued health depends on your ability to make these changes, and there can be serious health consequences if you don’t follow the dietary guidelines.


Changes can be difficult. This is one of the main reasons that support groups are so important after weight loss surgery. These groups are not just about helping you adjust emotionally. Studies have shown that people who attend support groups lose more weight,[1] and those who attend more frequently lose more weight than those who attend only sporadically.

Why Do Weight Loss Support Groups Help?

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different, but there are some common experiences that our patients share. Many patients find that their weight loss process brings change to their relationships with friends, family and intimate partners. Though these loved ones are usually supportive, even in the best of cases, they often don’t fully understand what the patient is experiencing. Talking to others who have had bariatric surgery is a major source of validation and understanding. This support is essential for patients who might struggle to maintain their diet and exercise goals.


The life changes required by bariatric surgery often require patients to learn about food, about exercise and about their own bodies. Support groups are a place for patients to find ongoing educational opportunities. Some groups have special guests come to their meetings, including fitness and cooking instructors who give formal presentations. But most of the learning in support groups comes from other patients.


Support groups generally comprise patients at various stages in the weight loss journey. Speaking to patients who are months or years into their weight loss is both motivating and educational. Patients who have just had their surgery are able to get a glimpse into their potential future. They can ask other patients about their weight loss, how they’ve integrated diet and exercise changes into their lives and how they’ve addressed obstacles. Seeing others’ success helps patients maintain their motivation, and learning how others’ have overcome obstacles gives patients a toolkit for overcoming obstacles in their own weight loss journey.


Support groups continue to be helpful for patients months and years into their journey. While serving as beacons of hope for newcomers, they also provide encouragement to any longer-term patients who still need support to permanently maintain lifestyle changes. Attending a support group and sharing their story gives these patients a sense of accomplishment in their weight loss and motivates them to carry on with their healthy lifestyle. The long-term commitment to healthy living that successful weight loss surgery requires is easier to maintain when you get regular positive feedback and see how you are an inspiration for others.

Aspects of a Good Support Group

The best support groups are…

  • Regularly scheduled. Our support group meets once a month, so you can plan on getting the support you need on a predictable basis.
  • Moderated by an experienced medical professional. Our support group is moderated by a nurse practitioner who is experienced in guiding patients through their weight loss journey.
  • Optimistic. We encourage you to share both successes and challenges, but we always remain positive that you can reach your goals.

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Posted by Center for Weight Loss Surgery