Surgery Type: Sleeve Gastrectomy


240 lbs.


151.7 lbs.

Weight Loss:

88.3 lbs.

Jennifer success story - before photo
Jennifer success story - before photo

“Weight was never an issue for me growing up because I was always a very active child and young adult. My body was at a comfortable place where I could be happy and healthy. But all this changed for me in 2009 when I experienced a lower lumbar bend-and-twist strain.  

“This injury changed my mind and my body in a way that I thought I could never beat until I met with Dr. Srikanth. I tried diets to correct my weight, but it wasn’t until in 2010, when I joined Weight Watchers, that I had any notable success, losing 75 pounds. I had reached my goal weight by spring of 2011, but as anyone who has gone through a successful diet knows, the weight loss is very hard to maintain. 

“I struggled to maintain that weight and my body began to return to its unhealthy state, and by the age of 39, I had reached a point in my life where I needed help. I was considered severely obese, class II within my height and weight range, with comorbidities. I was an emotional eater, and the immense pain that lingered from my back injury never helped my situation. 

“I have worked in manufacturing for 23 long and sometimes difficult years. My shifts were random, to say the least, going from graveyard to swing and everything in between. Those shifts always lasted 8 – 12 long hours away from my friends and loved ones. Working hard to provide for my family put me in a bad space both physically and mentally. 

“My final transition toward permanent recovery began on Monday, February 22, 2016, when I made the important decision to sign up for Dr. Srikanth's seminar. I never looked back because I knew this was the right choice for me. I chose his team because of the unwavering support they deliver in all stages of the process. Today I am 21 months post-op and at a healthy weight that I will maintain for life! I finally have the tool I needed not only to reach my goal, but also to maintain my goal weight for life!” 

— Jennifer

Jennifer success story - after photo
Jennifer success story - after photo

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