Gastric Band Revision Surgery in Seattle, WA

About Gastric Band Revision Surgery

Gastric band revision surgery, as the name suggests, is a surgery that addresses problems with a Lap-Band® following the initial surgery. Based in Seattle, WA, the Center for Weight Loss Surgery is here to ensure you feel comfortable with your gastric band revision and will support you each step of the way.

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Do You Need Gastric Band Revision Surgery?

Patients can require gastric band revision surgery for several reasons:

  • Inadequate weight loss: If you have a gastric band and have not experienced the results you desire, you may consider a revision. Gastric band patients are more likely to gain weight than those with a gastric sleeve or duodenal switch.
  • Heartburn: Your Lap-Band® can exert too much pressure on the top portion of your stomach, resulting in heartburn or acid reflux. If these symptoms do not respond to band adjustments, revision surgery can help release that pressure and alleviate these symptoms.
  • Frequent nausea, intolerance to solid food or vomiting: Nausea following your initial gastric band surgery is common. If nausea persists, it could indicate something more complicated, such as a slipped band.
  • Loss of restriction: This may result from a leak within the system or a band erosion into the stomach.
  • Severe pain: In rare cases, the gastric band can become infected, resulting in severe abdominal pain, which needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Port problems: Port sites may flip or move, causing pain and/or making it difficult to access the site for fills. 


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Types of Gastric Band Revisions at the Center for Weight Loss Surgery

The Center for Weight Loss Surgery offers several options for Lap-Band® revision surgery, including:

  • Lap-Band® to sleeve gastrectomy: In this surgery, we remove your lap band and perform a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. The stretchy upper and outer 90% of the stomach is removed, leaving a small, vertically oriented tubular stomach, which makes you feel full after eating much smaller amounts of food.
  • Lap-Band® to duodenal switch: In a duodenal switch, we first remove the lap band to create a gastric sleeve. We then bypass the small intestine by attaching it to the duodenum, limiting calorie absorption.
  • Lap-Band® to single anastomosis duodeno-ileostomy (SADI) or stomach intestinal pylorus sparing (SIPS): In a SADI or SADI-S/SIPS procedure, we remove the lap band and create a gastric sleeve. SADI/SIPS limits calorie absorption by dividing the duodenum and attaching it to a loop of the small intestine.
  • Lap-Band® to gastric bypass: The gastric band is removed, and in its place, we create a small stomach pouch, bypassing the rest of the stomach by attaching the intestine directly to the pouch.

You Have Our Full Support

After your revision procedure, we will schedule follow-up appointments to continuously monitor your progress. Our team members are always available to answer any questions or concerns.

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At the Center for Weight Loss Surgery, we start with a consultation. We offer in-person consultations at our two Seattle locations in addition to virtual consultations for traveling patients. When you meet with our gastric band revision surgeon, we will ensure you are a candidate for this surgery and guide you through this process. 

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