City: Tacoma, WA

Weight Loss Surgery: Adjustable gastric band

Starting weight: 240 lbs
Starting BMI: 41.2
Total weight loss: 100 lbs*
Current BMI: 24

Percentage excess weight loss (%EWL): 91.7%

Co-morbidities improved/resolved:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Reflux
  • Low back pain
  • Knee & ankle pain

Additional Procedures: Tummy tuck

In Vicki’s Words:

“As a child, I was very active and was able to maintain a normal weight, although I was never a skinny-minny. That changed once I reached my teenage years and did not participate as heavily in sports. By high school I was bigger than the rest of the girls. I was painfully aware of my size and often felt fat and ugly.

As an adult, I tried pretty much everything to lose weight: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Slimfast, cabbage soup diet, PhenFen and a host of other diets. I was very successful at losing weight on both Weight Watchers (twice in fact) and Jenny Craig. Losing weight wasn't the problem—keeping the weight off was!

Dr. Srikanth performed my surgery in January 2003 and went home the next day. I was working from home within a few days and back to work shortly thereafter.

I began losing weight immediately. It was as if the weight just melted off. Prior to surgery, I was wearing a size 22/24. By September 2003, I was down to a size 14. I remember thinking "the average American woman wears a size 14 and that's what I wear." It was the first time in my life I was happy to be average!

By the summer of 2004, I was at my goal weight - in fact, I dropped down to 122 pounds, which was a bit too small for me, and had to gain a few pounds back.*

After maintaining my weight loss for more than four years, exercising daily - including yoga - and not being able to tighten up the skin on my stomach, I decided to have Dr. Srikanth perform a tummy tuck. I had my tummy tuck in April 2007. This surgery was also done at St. Francis and was done by Dr. Srikanth - I wouldn't trust anyone else!

Since the surgery my life has changed dramatically. One of the first work changes I noticed was being asked to do media interviews. I have been on network television shows in both Spokane and Seattle. I had media training years ago, when I was heavy, but was never asked to do television until after my weight loss surgery. I have also been on internal television programs and videos. And, I have been promoted – three times!

The changes in my personal life are just as dramatic. Prior to my surgery, I was not dating even though I was single. I began dating about nine months after my surgery - when I hit that average size 14. Now, I am well below the average size of an American woman - I wear a size 4 or 6 depending on the cut.

I lead a very active life. My typical exercise program is five yoga practices, one PiYo practice, one Pilates practice and two TRX sessions per week. When I go to my gym, it’s kind of like going into Cheers – everyone knows my name.

I know none of this would have happened without my surgery. I thank Dr. Srikanth for the wonderful life I lead!” – Vicki 

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