What Our Patients Say

Choosing a surgeon and practice for your bariatric care is one of the most important decisions you will make in your weight loss journey. We are an independent, patient-centered practice and we work hard to make every patient feel like an individual and not a number.

Here is what our patients say:

Dr Srikanth is an all star one of the best surgeons in the United States! He is one of the happiest and one of the most positive people you will ever meet! His staff is amazing also very professional.[Click for more]
- Mike, February 2014

[Dr. Srikanth] is funny and cares so much about his patients! If you say "Thank you" he says "Don't thank me yet!" then laughs as he's walking away. His laugh is contageous! He is HIGHLY recommended! Thanks Dr. Srikanth![Click for more]
- Annonymous, February 2014

Dr. Srikanth and his excellent staff are absolutely amazing!! They provided me with the necessary tools to finally, after twenty years of struggling, shed the weight off. They are very patient-oriented, excellent at what they do, and...[Click for more]
- Robin, November 2014

Dr Srikanth and his staff of Angels have saved my life. No BS, No fluff. I had the duadenal switch 5 1/2 months ago and am down 110 pounds on my way to my goal of loosing 165 lbs...[Click for more]
- Bob, October 2014

I cannot express enough the care and knowledge of Dr. Srikanth, his team, staff, and nurses. I have always felt listened to and cared about, and if I have questions, the time is taken to answer them. For me, the fact that... [Click for more]
- Sue, October 2014

Everyone in the office was very nice. Kelly is awesome! She made me feel comfortable from the time she smiled that big smile. Dr. Srikanth is so delightful. He made me feel good about my decision to do this and my choice of surgery...[Click for more]
- Connie, August 2014

When I first met Dr. Srikanth, I thought he was such a funny guy. But he meant business. Love this doctor and grateful for what he is doing for me.[Click for more]
- Kim, August 2014

It wasn't until I was literally "eating myself to death", that I decided that I have lost total control over my eating habits! The pain in my body drove me to Dr. Srikanth at Center for Weight Loss. I was very impressed with him...[Click for more]
- Pam, July 2014

I had always been an athlete but reached a point at 332 lbs. where it hurt to climb stairs and move.[Now] I run half and full marathons. I am active with my friends and my daughter, and feel so incredibly proud of ME![Click for more]
- Vickie, May 2014

They care about you and will help you find the tools to be successful in achieving the health you know that you want and need...[Click for more]
- Jan, February 2014

“I absolutely love everything about Dr. Srikanth and his staff. I've always been treated with respect and courtesy. Dr. gave me the tool I needed to change my life forever. I will always be grateful for that... [Click for more]
- Meagen, February 2014

I was taking 4 insulin injections and 24 pills a day (for high blood pressure, liver, diabetes and other problems) and using a sleep apnea machine at night. [Since surgery] the pain in my joints has disappeared. I now take no medications and feel great.[Click for more]
- Gerald, December 2013

I would refer anyone to Dr. Srikanth and have all of my friends that go to him love him as much as I do. He honestly is so compassionate and cares about his patients. Before and after the surgery it was amazing..[Click for more]
- Sarah

I've known Dr. Srikanth for quite a few years. Knowing his skill and knowledge and passion for thoroughness I wouldn't have trusted anyone else. He might put you through a few more tests pre-op than others but...[Click for more]
- Chris

At just 5' 1", not only was I miserable in my own body, but I was suffering from horrible sleep apnea, major depression, and fatigue. Since my first meeting [with Dr. Srikanth] I have lost 95 pounds! For the first time in many years...[Click for more]
- Malia, April 2013

If you are considering weight loss surgery in any way, please go see Dr. Srikanth. I have never met a doctor that cares so much for his patients. His staff is also excellent, and helpful. I feel so lucky to have found him...[Click for more]
- Colette, April 2013

Very happy with the care I received through Dr. Srikanth's Center for Weight Loss Surgery. Dr. Srikanth and his staff are knowledgeable, thorough, and clear. Great communication via the patient coordinator... [Click for more]
- Cassandra, March 2013

[The duodenal switch] gave me the tool I needed to make a change for good. I currently weigh 155 lbs. but I'm no longer worried about my weight as an end goal, now I'm focused on my overall fitness.[Click for more]
- Katy, May 2012

Dr. Srikanth is friendly, fun, caring, soft mannered, intelligent. The more I got to know him, the more I found that my first impressions were right on the money. While I was in recovery, I personally watched him hold a patients hand... [Click for more]
- Kristi, January 2011

** = Results will vary. Individual weight loss depends on commitment to nutrition, activity, and lifestyle changes.

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