City: Tacoma, WA

Weight Loss Surgery: Sleeve gastrectomy

Starting weight: 272 lbs
Starting BMI: 45.3
Total weight loss: 120 lbs*
Current BMI: 25.3

Percentage excess weight loss (%EWL): 87%

Co-morbidities improved/resolved:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Sleep apnea
  • Low back pain
  • Knee & ankle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Depression

In Emilie’s Words:

“I didn’t want to think about being heavy. I filled my time with long work days and volunteer projects. I was always involved in planning some kind of gathering or event. Creative girls love to plan a party. The colors. The themes. The food! The meal is part of every happy social event, right? I loved to celebrate and I loved the feast.

Whenever a spare minute crept into my busy day, I would fill it with food. Thoughtless delight. Immediate happiness. Whenever I was sad or anxious or stressed-out or depressed, I found solace in edible decadence. Something was missing and I needed to fill the void, so I kept filling my stomach. I filled my stomach because when I stopped to think about weighing 272 pounds, it would bring me to tears. I kept eating to avoid crying with the sad, heavy girl looking back at me from the mirror. I ate to avoid thinking about how out of control my weight had gotten. I spent so much time avoiding cameras and seeing pictures of myself. I pretended that weight didn’t matter. I acted like my sadness and physical pain didn’t exist. I always wore a smile and focused on the people around me. I knew how to do these things. I didn’t know how to lose over 100 pounds. Losing weight had been my life-long, uphill battle, but I had never carried so much weight up the steep incline. Some days I was unable to convince myself to be the fun-loving, happy girl everyone knew. I would stay in bed, hidden under the covers, unable to move. So many questions and fears gripped me for so many years, when no one was looking.

In February 2011, I was blessed with a sweet baby boy. Vaughn’s little arms felt like motivation embracing me. I wanted to be mobile enough to play and keep up with him when he became a crazy three-year-old. I needed to be a healthy example so that my 10-year-old would want to play outside on a sunny day. I wanted to increase my chances of being around to see my confused teenager become a warm-hearted, confident man. How could I teach him to be confident when I didn’t feel that way inside? Kids are smart. They know when you are faking it, even if you don’t know yourself.

I needed help. I knew that I could not do this by myself. I wanted to love myself again. I finally realized this was what had been missing for so long. I wanted to be happy without the daily pep talks, and chocolate, and nachos, and cookies, and ice cream...

My first appointment with Dr. Srikanth was in July of 2012. He encouraged me to eat healthy, high protein foods and challenged me to exercise more, everyday. After 6 months, I had lost 40 pounds. I was so thankful for the coaching and encouragement. Before scheduling my surgery, however, I did waver for a couple of months. There is so much stigma around weight-loss surgery. I even hesitated about writing this testimonial because several of my friends do not know that I had surgery. I didn’t want to be judged or to be accused of cheating; “taking the easy road.”  The more I thought about it though, I decided that it didn’t matter what people might think. Being obese felt horrible. Your body aches all of the time. You feel hot & sweaty most of the time. I had to catch my breath after even the simplest tasks. There is no easy way out of feeling hopeless and helpless.

In April 2013 I had gastric sleeve surgery. Since then I have lost another 80 pounds.* Physically, I am a new person. Some people do not even recognize the 120-pound-lighter version of Emilie. Dr. Srikanth taught me to make better food choices and the surgery helps prevent my previously insatiable, emotional over-eating. I still love to celebrate, but I am okay eating just a couple of bites at the feast. 

Holistically I am different, too. I finally feel like the confident and happy person that I had always forced myself to be in the past. I have learned that it is alright to take time and focus on my own physical and spiritual well being. Those things are important! I no longer have the same stressful, high-pressure job. My family and I go for walks and eat healthy dinners together every night. I am an authentically joyful person. I never could have gotten here on my own. Dr. Srikanth helped me change my life.” – Emilie 

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Total Weight Loss: 74 lbs. (4 months since surgery!) **


Total Weight Loss: 131 lbs.**
“My weight loss journey is a lot like everyone else’s. I've tried different diets and different gyms with limited, non-lasting results. My mother had Lap-Band® surgery 10 years ago with Dr. Srikanth. I had always known that I would end up at Srikanth’s office to begin my own journey to a


Total Weight Loss: 80 lbs. **
“I had not been feeling well for almost two years, tired all the time, no energy, chest pain and trouble sleeping. All the doctors


Total weight loss: 157 lbs. **
“Surgery has changed my life dramatically. A completely new wardrobe, more energy and confidence than ever before.


Total weight loss: 120 lbs. **
“I didn’t want to think about being heavy. I filled my time with long work days and volunteer projects. I was always involved in planning some kind of gathering or event.

Emily & Austin

Total weight loss: 115 lbs. **
“My husband Austin and I have been married since 2009 and we have battled obesity since our childhood. Diabetes, sleep apnea and health issues are found on both sides of our family.


Total Weight Loss: 188 lbs. **
“It is hard to describe to people how great losing 200 pounds is. Prior to the surgery, I sat on the couch a lot. Even when I played with my three young children, it was always wrestling


Total weight loss: 119 lbs. **
“I was one of those people that say, ‘I woke up fat.’ I was never BIG or obese prior to having babies. And then a back injury truly made my life a ‘catch 22.’ I could not exercise because


Total weight loss: 125 lbs. **


Total weight loss: 200 lbs. **


Total weight loss: 100 lbs. **
“In October of 2013 I weighed 300 lbs. I had been struggling to just maintain that weight. No matter what I tried I could not seem to lose any weight. I was taking 4 insulin injections a day,


Total weight loss: 97 lbs. **
“As a mother of three daughters, it has always been important for me to set a positive example. But in my health and care for my body I really struggled. Although I had tried nearly


Total weight loss: 100 lbs. **


Total weight loss: 85.4 lbs. **
“As a recovering breast cancer survivor in 2012; struggling with weight issues for many years, I decided that 2014 was my year to get healthy. I tried going to the gym -


Total weight loss: 115.2 **
“I went from a size 24 to 14 in pants, 22 top to 12 top (or 2xl to M/L), so far! My sleep apnea has resolved and I have a lot less joint pain (if I'd stop falling, it would help).


Total weight loss: 210 lbs. **
“For years I struggled with my weight. I would spend most of my waking hours thinking about food. If I wasn't eating, I was thinking about eating. Food consumed my life.


Total weight loss: 110.2 lbs. **
“Unlike many, I spent a large portion of my life quite slender. I graduated high school at 6’1” and 148 lbs. After high school and in a previous career I had a very physically


Total weight loss: 153 lbs. **
“Before consulting Dr. Srikanth, I weighed 338 lbs. In the 6 months before surgery I lost almost 50 lbs. by following a strict diet laid out by Dr. Srikanth. I got the sleeve gastrectomy


Total weight loss: 88 lbs. **
“[My husband and I] went to a seminar that Dr. Srikanth presented in the spring of 2012 and felt immediately comfortable with him, his sense of humor, his honest informative attitude
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