What Our Patients Say

Kristi, January 2011

Dr. Srikanth is friendly, fun, caring, soft mannered, intelligent. The more I got to know him, the more I found that my first impressions were right on the money. While I was in recovery, I personally watched him hold a patients hand after an EGD in the recovery room while she cried and they discussed what to do next. His office staff all seem to be caring and friendly also... Future patients of Dr. Srikanth's should know that he is very strict about his care of his patients and expects you to follow his instructions to a T (which is why his complication rate is so low). He is a hard nose with his aftercare, which i think is a good thing. I would rate Dr. Srikanth an 11 out of 10 :) His surgical competence and his bedside manner are both equal, would not rate one over the other. You can hear him coming from down the hallways, in his happy uplifting ways. They say in this review that I should write something negative because 100% positive review can cause people not to totally trust the review, but I seriously cannot think of one thing negative, except that he is super strict with his aftercare. I do not think that is a negative, it just shows how much he cares. I would highly recommend Dr. Srikanth to anyone.

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